Orlando pushes for ‘greener’ long-term future

Their long-range plan seeks to reduce the amount of garbage to landfill, energy and water consumption, how close people live to parks, how much they pay for water and even the amount of shade in their neighborhoods.

Developed during the past year, the GreenWorks project seeks to make Orlando the greenest city in the Southeast by 2040, city official are proposing fee based incentives to change the consumption and recycling habits of its residents. City officials also want to reduce energy consumption. One way is through “green buildings” that use less energy, water and other resources. The plan would encourage green building by creating a “feebate” system. Builders who meet green standards would receive financial incentives, and those who don’t would be hit with fees.

27 percent of Orlando’s residential waste is recycled
27 percent of Orlando’s residential waste is recycled
1.8 percent of Orlando’s electricity from renewable sources
Orlando resident uses 166 gallons a day drinking, bathing, watering the lawn and more, the city wants to reduce by 20%

View the whole article in the Orlando Sentinel at this link


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