Video Rap Between Contractor and Architect – Part 2

Can a good rap save a geeky rep … or even settle scores on the project team?

YKK AP, an architectural products company, hopes that its latest (yes, latest) rap video at least strikes a chord with the building community.

That’s right, the company’s “I am an Architect: Part Two” video demonstrates the power struggle of contractors and architects through a “rap battle” fought with rhythm and rhyme.

“You made a good bid, I couldn’t decline,” the architect sings.

“But let me teach you how to dress and respect design.”

The contractor fires back with, a “Listen here pretty boy….”

“Without me, all you’d have are specs and plans,

“Watch me make things happen while I work on my tan.”

Here is a link to YouTube video:




About Gregory Stock, AIA, LEED BD+C

I am an experienced architect and artist, you can visit my website for information about me and my work, social media pages and more
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