US Tennis Assoc. builds in Lake Nona

us tennis assoc-lake-nona-complex_600xx417-278-67-0

The new $60 million U.S. Tennis Association’s regional training complex will span 63 acres and include 106 tennis courts for professional and recreational use. Here are the development team members:

“We had a lot of opportunities in other cities, but this place has more to offer in terms of healthy lifestyle, housing, community support, the [Lake Nona parent firm] Tavistock Group and the local government leaders,” said Gordon Smith, USTA executive director. “This is a great place for us. It’s such a modern, innovative community and really on the cutting edge of what a community should be like in the future.”


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One Response to US Tennis Assoc. builds in Lake Nona

  1. Carmelo Monti (Mel) says:

    It’s always good to see a development like this taking place in our town. My only issue here is that Lake Nona with all its big bucks get all the attention and road improvements which were scheduled 7 to 10 years back in our area took a 5 to 7 year back seat to the Lake Nona development. Finally after I retired, I now am just about to receive benefit of the South Alafaya Trail widen project. Good going Orlando. The traffic and roadway improvement design kind of sucks in this city.

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