Crayola Experience Attraction To Open In Orlando


Crayola has announced plans to open a new 70,000-square-foot Crayola Experience attraction at the Florida Mall next summer.

This would be the firm’s first location outside of the first Crayola Experience in Easton, Pa. That venue is a four-story building featuring a store, cafe, workshop, 25 hands-on activities and more.

Read the complete article by Anjali Fluker in the Orlando Business Journal:


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2 Responses to Crayola Experience Attraction To Open In Orlando

  1. Brinkmann, Paul says:

    Do you only cite business journal articles written by that one girl? It might help you build some more followers if you cite other sources occasionally.,0,1693700.story

    Paul Brinkmann
    Senior Business Reporter, Digital
    Cell: 407-780-1671
    Desk: 407-420-5660
    Twitter: @PaulBrinkmann

    • A cursory review of the archives show articles cited by Matthew Richardson, Richard Bilbao, Cindy Barth, and Abraham Aboraya, besides Anjali Fluker, who I believe you are referring to. Richard and Anjali seem to have more articles with images in the feed from OBJ.
      I limit the articles I cite to ones discussing buildings with some photos usually, because the intent of the Blog is to feature design issues and architecture. I would love more plans and explanations by the architects who are designing these buildings, and hope they give me more content over time.

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