Maitland Works to Improve Sunrail Use


Like all cities that develop a commuter rail system, SunRail is already reshaping our metropolitan area. Ridership on SunRail is right near anticipated levels. Station ridership is constantly being reviewed to increase ridership. A recent article in the Orlando Sentinel includes a neat interactive map of ridership volumes. Winter Park is the busiest, followed by Deland, Church Street and Sand Lake Road.

While Maitland’s Station is not the lowest, the City is anxious to help its citizens take advantage of the SunRail system. They are working with Lynx to connect workers at the Maitland Center Office Park with the station, and considering other options too.

Read the complete article by David Breen in the Orlando Sentinel here:,0,5839589.story?dssReturn&z=32810

Here is a link to SunRail which also has schedules and other SunRail information:

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1 Response to Maitland Works to Improve Sunrail Use

  1. Carmelo Monti (Mel) says:

    When I first heard about the location of the Maitland Station and its low ridership, the first thing I thought was to provide a free shuttle service timed for pickups from the station, and drops from area businesses. It shouldn’t be rocket science or as hard as brain surgery to figure this out.

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