Winter Park Battles over Historic District Ordinances


The Historic Preservation Board of Winter Park has drafted revisions to their ordinances. The Winter Park City Council is now reviewing their proposals. The debate is heated. Many developers are fearful that they won’t be able to replace as many old houses with newer larger ones, as they currently hope to build.

Others argue that who would want to live in Winter Park if the historic charm disappears.

Read the complete article by Steven Lemongello in the Orlando Sentinel:

And the previous Post on this blog by Richard Reep:


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1 Response to Winter Park Battles over Historic District Ordinances

  1. Carmelo Monti (Mel) says:

    There are only 5 African white rhinos left in the world. 1 male and 4 females, all of which are aging. The females are all in zoo captivity and the male is under a 24 hour surveillance in a preserve. They’ve cut off its horn to help dissuade poachers. All of which is due to Greed. Once they’re gone, they are gone forever. Over 60 species have disappeared since 1901. Regarding Winter Park it’s only a matter of Developer greed and time. If the homes are not historically significant maybe they need to go for these new residents surely will help Winter Park survive and Thrive. If the Character of the town is destroyed, it will go by way of the White Rhino. Poacher, I mean Developers always get their way at the collateral costs of others through their own greed.

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