Opposition to Condo Proposal to Build on Lake Eola Park


The plans, for a new condominium tower at the corner of Rosalind and Central in Downtown Orlando, call for demolition of two 1920’s era buildings that are on private property next to the park. Historic preservationists are critical of the plan, but the Developer has said the buildings are not worth preserving. The tower also will butt against the Rosalind Club, whose members showed up in droves to protest the project during City Planning Meeting deliberations.

City Commissioner Patty Sheehan, who represents the area, said the buildings are not under any protected status and the city doesn’t have money to buy them.

St. Luke’s Episcopal Cathedral and others contend that the the tower would violate required setbacks for the park, and that an outdoor café area on the first floor would actually be built on the park itself. (See RED and ORANGE colored areas in photo above.) St. Luke’s donated the land in 1914, with restrictions for public use only.

Read the whole article by Paul Brinkmann of the Orlando Sentinel, and other related articles on the project here:

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