Quote: Peter Zumthor

Peter-Zumthor1I’ve said goodbye to the overworked notion that architecture can save the world.

This quote by Peter Zumthor (1943-), echos the wisdom of his years of experience. I may have misunderstood, but in architectural school, I am sure they tried to convince us we could change the world with our designs if they were good enough. While we can evoke some great emotion with a breathtaking space, and while we can plan a space to make someone’s work easier due to proper configuration of the facilities;  halting wars, eliminating bigotry and more, are not outcomes of a well designed building.

You can read more about Peter Zumthor on Wikipedia at this link:

You can read more of these quotes in the book : ‘the ARCHIITECT says’, compiled and edited by Laura S. Dushkes, published by the Princeton Architectural Press. She is the architectural librarian at the firm NBBJ in Seattle.

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1 Response to Quote: Peter Zumthor

  1. Carmelo Monti (Mel) says:

    Very profound. I am glad I was in a profession that sought to build and make things better. For we as an animal species are barely out of the caves. We’ve gone to the moon and back.Yet all those fancy high tech gadgets we just gotta have the latest edition of have done nothing to eliminate hunger in the world, stop wars, or cure disease. We as a species, frankly suck at everything we do. We destroy our planet to survive, we poach animals for our weird fantasies. And we love destroying everything in the name of someone’s religion. I look at the expanse of the stars and Universe around me and set myself in awe of the power of God who created it all. I then see how insignificant I am and this planet is in in respect to that expanse. I then say Oh Lord how great thou art. And, He looks back and chokes on a chicken bone every time we do things in His name for Religions sake.

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