2+2+2 ED

Orlando now has a graduate school program for Architecture. So students can stay in Orlando and receive a Master of Architecture in 6 years of study without ever leaving town except for field trips. Locally referred to as the 2+2+2 program, three institutions coordinate their curricula to meet the requirements of the University of Florida Master of Architecture program.

These programs need our support, volunteer and financial, to continue. It has taken years of grass roots efforts to get these programs in place, Please support them. The Orlando Foundation for Architecture (OFA) is building a scholarship fund, learn more visit our website:

Here is a brief description of how the program works:


Students attend their freshman and sophomore years of college at Valencia’s Metro West Campus.



Students attend their junior and senior years of college at Valencia’s Metro West Campus, but are enrolled in the U.C.F. component on that campus. They receive a Bachelor of Design in Architecture.



Students attend their graduate school years of college at U.F.’s Orlando CityLab facility across from the Bob Carr Center, and earn a Master’s of Architecture the same as a student from Gainesville, an accredited degree required to sit for the state’s licensing exam.


There are some high school programs, focusing on building sciences, that feed the college programs. And the ACE Mentorship program.


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